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Note: Due to some research in the Watcher's Guide books, and the Btvs DVD Special Features, I have constructed plans of the below thumbnails which show Buffy's house, the Library, the Bronze, Giles and Jenny's apartment and the Mansion, to which I have added three extra floors.

Giles' Apartment: 976X629
The Bronze: 860X660
The Library 1080X975
1630 Revello Drive Ground Floor 1024X860
1630 Revello Drive First Floor 1200X860
The Mansion; Ground Floor: 800X600
The Mansion; First Floor 800X600

The Mansion: Second Floor 800X600

The Mansion; Third Floor 800X600


A rewrite of Seasons 3-7.

Episode Guide:

Season Three:

Anne. While Buffy fights Acathla, Whistler informs the slayerettes of the tragedy she is about to face, causing them to realise a few home truths and prepare themselves to welcome their best friend back, when she has come to terms with her grief in Los Angeles.

Acceptance. Before you can move on, there must be acceptance of past events. The Slayer has returned, but until it is established whether her knight can as well, Buffy will not. Rated R.

An Uncertain Return. Angel returns from his time in hell. While Buffy and the Slayerettes nurse him back to health, the soulmates continue to experience strange and chilling dreams.

The Power of Souls. Whistler visits Buffy and Angel to tell them of the new deal he brokered for them with the PTB. After he leaves, Buffy and Angel start their relationship afresh with honesty, and discover that their strange dreams have more in common than they realise, and something darker wants to claim the credit for bringing Angel back.

In Her Name: A Need to Atone. Angel goes to LA on a redemption quest, while Buffy and her mother bond during a nightly patrol, and Sunnydale High chooses it's Homecoming Queen.

In Her Name: The Loudest Whisper. The Scoobies bring back someone dear to their Watcher's heart, while taking their SATs and Angel bonds with Joyce over Buffy.

Myhnegon. Angel decides to begin a career, a new teacher with a mysterious mission comes to Sunnydale, and Giles has a new watcher to train, while Buffy investigates the whereabouts of the world's deadliest fashion accessory. Rated R.

John 52:54. An X Files Crossover. After the recent fire in the basement office of the FBI, Agents Mulder and Scully come to Sunnydale to discover the truth behind why one of Mulder's old friends would give up a coveted position for librarian at a High School. As Giles prays for quiet while the agents are visiting, an old villain returns to ensure that it's anything but.

The Pryce of Faith. A new slayer arrives at the hellmouth, on the run from a dangerous fate accompli deal she made, only to discover new allies of a deadlier kind on the Hellmouth.

Frost At Midnight. Christmas comes but once a year to Sunnydale, and the Slayerettes decide to celebrate with a party at the Crawford Street Mansion, which brings a gift from the Powers That Be to Buffy and Angel. Meanwhile, Faith discovers the leader of the new alliance Mr. Trick forced her into, and the fringe benefits.

Gingerbread. While out patrolling, Faith discovers the bodies of two dead kids, which leads the good people of Sunnydale into a campaign against witchcraft with deadly consequences, and causes the Mayor to attempt to use the hunt to his own advantage.

Helpless.* As Buffy turns eighteen, Giles confesses a dark secret ritual initiated by the Council on slayers, and the slayerettes celebrate her birthday in style. Rated R.

Jhe. While Angel and Buffy spend more nights together at the Mansion and Revello Drive, during a patrol, they encounter the Sisterhood of Jhe, an apocalyptic cult, with designs on opening the Hellmouth. Rated NC17.

Bad Girls . Balthazar, an old native of Sunnydale until he was run out, has returned to the hellmouth, while Faith gives Buffy a taste of what it is like to be just the slayer, without responsibilities or ties, until a tragic mistake occurs which will change their lives forever.

Consequences.* The slayerettes deal with the aftermath of Faith's crime, while the Mayor seeks to rid himself of old and dubious alliances, preparing himself for the end of the hundred days.

Refugees. A vision of Doyle's causes the Scoobies to rescue a band of half-breeds from the army of the Scourge.

If You Can't Be Good..... A mysterious visitor interrupts Giles and Jenny's romantic evening together with some dangerous news, both for the Scooby gang, and the Mayor.....Rated R.

Earshot.* After attacking a demon, Buffy gains an aspect of its skills, and discovers someone has murderous plans for Sunnydale High. But will the Scooby gang be able to find an antidote for the slayer before she looses her mind?

Through A Glass, Darkly. The Mayor receives a package important to his Ascension, which is intercepted by the Scooby Gang. Unfortunately, Faith also intercepts one of them.......

The Prom.* Sunnydale High puts on its Prom, as a temporary calm before the storm of the Ascension exists, and Angel asks Buffy an important question.....Rated R/NC17.

Graduation Day: Part I.* Its two days till Graduation Day; there's a murder which might give a clue to the Mayor's Ascension, and something deadly strikes a member of the Scooby gang, whose cure will cause Buffy to make a difficult choice.....

Graduation Day: Part II.* Faith has got away, but not fully alive. Buffy must use another solution to cure Angel, and then gather forces to fight the Mayor's Ascension.....

Season Four:

The Freshman.* Summer is over and the Scooby Gang are experiencing their first week at Sunnydale University, wondering what could possibly be worse than the Mayor's Ascension.....

Scorned Plague. Buffy experiences a disturbing dream in which through another girls eyes she sees a boy being burned alive. The slayer vision leads to the Scoobies receiving another member to their group as they encounter Anyanka.

The Harsh Light of Day.* An old enemy returns to town in search of a fabled vampire Holy Grail......

Fear, Itself.* Its Halloween in Sunnydale, and there's a party at a Frat House which promises to make your fears come alive. Literally......

The One With The Scooby Meeting. Its the end of another week on the Hellmouth, which can only mean one thing; time for the weekly Scooby meeting! And for Giles to reach the end of his tether. Rated NC17.

A Full Moon Rose High. As Oz endures another three nights being a werewolf, he discovers someone else who is struck with the same condition. She however, embraces the beast within, causing the slayerettes to make a difficult decision, which breaks an oath they made during the summer.

The Initiative. * While Buffy stakes a vampire who has no time for her witty puns, Xander comes to face another hurdle in his undercover gig, which brings the Slayerettes an old foe and an unlikely new ally.

Operation 314. Last summer after graduation, the Scooby gang discovered their next enemy. Spike learns all about their new directive concerning The Initiative. Rated R.

WWP: RDH. Doyle receives a vision which sets the gang on a race against time to save a girl from becoming invisible, while Spike causes them to question their saving methods.

Hush. * 'Can't even shout, can't even cry, the Gentlemen are coming by.' Buffy and the Slayerettes take on a breed of silent demons, and encounter a member of the Initiative.

Doomed.* During a carefully planned meeting with a member of the Initiative, a quake shakes Sunnydale, and brings back an old fear to the Slayer. Its the end of the World. Again.

Bronze Candy. After Buffy and Giles meet Walsh and Riley, the Scoobies celebrate Buffy's birthday, enjoying a piece of new candy, not realising that the chocolate is the start of a much deeper demonic conspiracy. Rated NC17.

Friday. Buffy agrees to try out the Initiative, as the gang step up their mission to find out about Room 314, with consequences which come before they had planned for them. Rated R.

Serpent To Sting You. With the escapee from Room 314 on the loose, the death of Professor Walsh and a new mysterious psychology professor, Buffy and the gang have a number of problems to deal with, not to mention the increase in the mysterious symptoms affecting the slayer.

Faith's Transcendent Dower. Pt1. Not only is Adam making his presence known in Sunnydale, but someone has woken up from their coma, and decided to cause trouble too. Rated R.

Bell, Book & Candle. Pt2. Faith runs into an unlikely ally to help her quest for revenge, while Adam plans a strike against the slayer, using vampires as a test of their strength.

Nutrisco et Extinguo. It's a hot Californian Summer, and the forest fires have spread to Sunnydale, or so the Scoobies are led to believe......Rated R.

Exorcism. Wesley and Tara investigate a case of demonic possession, only to discover that it wasn't the boy who cried out for help.

Shades of Grey. Riley experiences some doubt concerning Adam's plans as he reveals that he plans to recruit demons to defeat the slayer. Rated NC17.

Consumption. The slayerettes discover the truth of the secret which Buffy has been hiding from them; a deadly illness which could cost the slayer her life.

Primeval.* Events with the Initiative, Adam and the slayerettes have reached a head. Now it is time for the Scooby gang to combine their powers with that of the slayers and defeat the forces which try to kill them.

Restless.* The Scoobies discover the consequences of unleashing the power of the first Slayer, in a set of unusual dreams.

Season Five:

Buffy Vs Dracula* Summer vacation comes to an abrupt end as Buffy and the Scoobies encounter the legendary dark lord.

Elita. The murder of the Magic Shop owner causes a new business to come the Scooby way, and for the slayer and co to find out that there's a new gang of vampires in town, who have someone that will become very important to them.

Slaying In L.A. Buffy and the slayerettes have reached an impasse concerning Elita, meanwhile Lorne needs some help in Los Angeles.

Visions. Doyle experiences trouble concerning his ability to see the future, and when he does, it spells deadly times ahead for the slayer.

No Place Like Home* After being given an unexpected and mysterious gift during patrol, Buffy learns the truth about Elita, and encounters her new nemesis for the year.

Family* Tara reluctantly welcomes the event of her birthday, along with a family reunion, as the Scoobies come to know the secret which made her run away from them in the first place.

A Mundane Life The Scoobies take some time to indulge in their personal relationships. Rated NC17.

Amulets & Bloodstones. The Magic Shop receives an unexpected customer which causes Buffy and Angel to face a deadly monster.

Insane, Insane.* While Buffy and Angel enjoy a family dinner at Revello Drive, something is sent down from the heavens to clean up the evidence Glory has left in her arrival upon the Hellmouth.

Superstar* Buffy and Angel come across a blood den for vampires, and decide that they need some help from an unlikely source. Xander confesses something to Anya.

Triangle* While Giles travels to England to seek the resources of the Watcher's Council, Anya and Willow unleash a troll in the Magic Shop, who is a blast from the past for the former vengeance demon.

Checkpoint* Giles' return from England brings news of a visit from the Watcher's Council, who wish to test the slayer and her team for their worthiness and ability to handle Glory before they tell Buffy who she is.

Qualms Before The Storm. The slayerettes know that Glory is a god. What they don't know is the truth about Elita. When they are told said truth, their reactions cause Elita to find the truth out for herself, with mortal consequences, during Buffy's 20th birthday party.

Beasts of Hell Wyndham-Pryce Investigations is running out of funds, so Wesley decides to hold a fundraiser at the Bronze. And someone else decides to wreck it.

I Was Made To Love You* A mysterious girl arrives in Sunnydale looking for the man she loves, only the man in question wants nothing to do with the creation which he made in the first place.

Pavlov's Bell When the microchip in his brain begins to malfunction, Spike is forced to examine how far he has come since returning to Sunnydale and what the future means for him; as a vampire and as a member of the slayer's team. Rated R.

Effulgent Spike decides to continue his rehab, by telling Tara, Buffy and Angel what happen in his past, and how two slayers died at his hands, while Glory discovers that the key is human.

Englitenment Now recovered from her brief magical 'trip' Glory orders her minions to discover who the key is. When they return with a disappointing hostage, the slayerettes are forced to mount a rescue. Meanwhile, Buffy goes on a quest to discover a possible solution to slaying the hellgod.

The Veil Descends Glory determines who the key is amongst the slayer's friends, and even when her actions prove her wrong, her decision to take something from the encounter causes a tragic loss for the slayerettes, which in turn destroys the bond of secrecy concerning Elita.

Beseiged As Glory comes closer to gaining the key, Buffy and slayerettes find themselves on the run and forced to seek shelter and alliances with the most unwise and dangerous choices.

Humanity The shock of Glory taking Elita sends Buffy into a catatonic state, causing Angel and Willow to go on a quest to bring her out of it, while the Scoobies gather fresh resources and lick their wounds.

The Gift* The Scoobies deal with the shocking news of how they can stop Glory, before preparing to enter the final battle with the hell god as they struggle to save the world and Elita at the same time. They also learn the painful lesson that everything dies. Death Fic.

Season Six:

Behind Bars: When the muse returns from Corsucant, Naboo, and 1940s Hastings, it will hopefully get round to writing these.

Witchsmeller Pursuivant


The Human Element

Illusion And Reality


Once More With Feeling*

The Unholy Trinity





Dead Things*


His Is The Hand That Wounds

Hells Bells*

Normal Again*


And Then There Were None

The Wish*

Seraphim & Nephilim

When Worlds Collide

Season Seven:

Lessons, Investigations

Vengeance Unbound





Conversations With Slayers

The Hunt Is On


Aftermath, Arrivals & A Return

A Spy In The Midst

Flecks Of The Past, Strains Of Normality


Foreign Country


Silence and Tears

Visions Of The Future

Only She Can Hold

The Scythe In The Stone

End Of Days; Part One

End Of Days; Part Two


*: Denotes actual episode titles from the real seasons, but with only slight changes in plot due to the continued presence of characters.