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Updates: 29th May 2021

Star Wars Obidala fic: The Judgement of Corsucant. A sequel to A Senate Resolution.

I had hoped to do more by now, but the traffic outside my house has decided to enter rush hour during the night, making it impossible to sleep well, so I haven't a lot of energy or focus to concentrate on doing more. There is also various other troubles which are hampering my ability to write and design, which most of you can see if you check out on my tumblr.

I still haven't managed to sort out instagram yet. The post limit and the fact that you can only update it on a phone is not helping, plus it seems to repeat my images, making it difficult for me to put them up in some semblance of order. If anyone is willing to help, please do.

As for fanfiction.net, it is still under review. I am still receiving some idiotic, narrow-minded and immature comments on certain fics. Some are guest, so I can delete them, but they're not helping my mood or my desire to keep using the site.

Website is nineteen years old!

My laptop is fixed for the last time, same problem as four years ago, no knowing how long it will last, however it will be back wednesday 4th august 2021. Cheaper than last time, though then it had to have a windows 10 upgrade because some incompetent local idiots who I tried first just wiped the harddrive and claimed it was fixed.

Latest Desktops:

My Wife
Fonts: Masterics Personal Use, Maratre
Quote: A Discovery of Witches
Assume You Know Him
Fonts: Kingthings Petrock Light, Distant Stroke
Quote: A Discovery of Witches


Latest Writing:

Shimmer Through the Woods: Part 27. Obi-Wan travels to Naboo and reunites with Padmé. They spend time in the Palace gardens in Theed, before travelling to the Lake Country to survey the location of the conclave. Learning of the proximity of Palpatine's villa to the site, Padmé instructs Artoo to conduct surveillance on the villa and report back.

I am writing part 27 and as soon as it is done, that along with part 28 - which is already finished, odd I know, my muse is anything but linear - will be up.

Marry in Haste has been translated and posted in French on fanfiction.net by Marcelle26

When my muse returns from Obidala, Say Hello Wave Goodbye will undergo a rewrite. There are a few errors with regards to Wimbledon which are bugging me, and I want to take off the song references. When I'm done, the new version will go online, and it will be posted on ff.net and Ao3.

Version 82: The font is Pharmount. The coding for this has been provided by Dreamweaver CS6 and W3 Schools Online Web Tutorials.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who have left me feedback, including those who continue to find my fanfic on fanfiction.net and AO3, and sign themselves on the alert system for my updates, I am flattered, humbled and gratified that so many enjoy my scribblings.

About Me.
Danielle. British citizen, born and raised.
Fanfic writer. Desktop designer.
Works in Progress: Star Wars; Obidala; Shimmer Through the Woods; Pt 27.
Reading: Various fanfics on my mobile, the occasional Cadfael.
Listening: Alesha Dixon, Anne Marie, Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, Dupa Lipa, Ellie Goulding, Florence & the Machine, Garbage, Haim, Imagine Dragons, KT Tunstall, Oh Wonder, Meghan Trainor, Nelly Furtado, Nerina Pallot, Sarah McLachlan, Shakira, The XX.
Favourite Authors: Jane Austen, Bernard Cornwell, Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Gaskell, Ellis Peters.