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Updates: 19th February 2020

Two A Discovery of Witches fic: Hunts and Crimes. and Return to Her Rooms.

Website is seventeen years old!

My laptop is still working, relatives are still causing grief, but I must learn to suffer through these things, as they are not going to change.

Latest Desktops:

No Time To Die
Font: Milton Two
Lyrics: No Time to Die, Billie Eilish


Shimmer Through the Woods: Part 22. Master Windu makes a speech to the Senate, and their reaction causes the Supreme Chancellor to declare a recess. Qui-Gon reflects on the news he has received from Anakin, as he learns the future of his padawan, and Obi-Wan escorts Padmé back to her embassy, before returning with his padawan to the Temple, where he receives a surprising offer that could place one system in a pecarious position.

This is the last chapter of Episode II and the last post until I finish writing Episode III.

Marry in Haste has been translated and posted in French on by Marcelle26

When my muse returns from Obidala, Say Hello Wave Goodbye will undergo a rewrite. There are a few errors with regards to Wimbledon which are bugging me, and I want to take off the song references. When I'm done, the new version will go online, and it will be posted on and Ao3.

Version 82: The font is Pharmount. The coding for this has been provided by Dreamweaver CS6 and W3 Schools Online Web Tutorials.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who have left me feedback, including those who continue to find my fanfic on and AO3, and sign themselves on the alert system for my updates, I am flattered, humbled and gratified that so many enjoy my scribblings.

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