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West Wing Fanfiction:


Baby Joanna. Donna is witness to a sweet scene. D/J pairing.

Badger & Nutmeg. The famous Wisconsin Flautist is performing at the White House, while the Senior Staff is coping with it's Deputy Chief of Staff firing yet another Assistant.

Post Episode Interludes:

The Cigarette Butt: A vignette on a certain object left behind in a transept during 2 Cathedrals.

Artic Radar & Holy Night: 'These are stories which would make me like you.' Josh and Donna ponder the truths let loose by her asking him to see if 'Commander Wonderful' likes her.

Twenty-Five: A private moment between Josh and Donna after the President has temporarily resigned his office. Rated R.

Two Songs: Post King Corn AU. After their meeting in the hotel corridor, Josh listens to the music system in his room, and a song gives him the courage to reconcile with Donna.

The Ticket: Donna comes home after her less than stellar interview at the Santos-McGarry campaign headquarters to find a guest outside her door.

Doorstep Encounter: 'It was not unusual for her boss to wind up on her doorstep drunk.' It was however, extremely rare for him be there stone cold sober. Josh waits for Donna after he refuses to hire her to explain why.

The Wedding: Donna comes to sit by Josh and succeeds to rouse him from his occupation with the campaign. Their joint appearance at the reception serves to calm Santos and the other members of the Democratic party about Josh's ability to handle the rest of the campaign.

Election Night; Pt 1: As Josh stands watching the news calling states for Santos or Vinick, he is visited and advised by his mentor. Dedicated to the memory of John Spencer.