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Daniellas Bureau; A Fanfic & Desktop Site
Baby Joanna.
A Vignette.

"Excuse me, CJ," Sam began as he hovered upon the threshold of her office, "can I borrow Donna for a minute?"

"Sure, we're finished here," CJ replied.

"Why?" Donna asked as she joined Sam on the threshold.

"There's something you need to see," Same cryptically said before grabbing her hand and leading her out of the room.

He came to a halt a few seconds later, and gestured to another threshold with a smile on his face, before walking away. Donna walked to the spot, turned to look and smiled too.

The man standing in the office was the epitome of the proud, devoted and besotted father. He stood before the only window, supporting his daughter's head with one hand, and holding a position paper with the other. He was reading aloud and every now and again he would glance at the babe pressed against his chest, asking for her opinion.

Donna could have stood forever in that doorway, her smile growing wider by the second. But the man inside had gained her innate ability to second guess him, and looked up, instantly putting down the paper.

"Donnatella," he uttered, his tone a soft caress.

"Joshua," she replied in the same accent.

"Come here."

She obliged, stopping beside him. Joanna gazed up at the both of them.

Josh turned his once more and kissed his wife of one year.

"She's exactly like you," he remarked when they had broke apart for breath.

"By that you mean she looks at you in awe?"

"No, and whenever did you do that?" Josh countered back. "I meant that's she beautiful and smart. And I'm completely besotted with the both of you."

The End.

© Danielle Harwood-Atkinson 2021. All rights reserved.