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Short Fictions

I wrote most of these back in the early days of my interest in the shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. Now they are here and improved alittle for better ending. Enjoy.

Memories Are Made Of This: Buffy begins to remember the Forgotten Day. With a bittersweet ending.

I Only Have Eyes For You: An alternative, and much happier ending to this season two episode.

The Gift: A short, alternative ending to this season five episode.

One Day: Written before the end of Buffy was even contemplated, this short story gives a reunion and a happy ever after to our chosen warriors.

The Spell Is Cast: At the end of Becoming, Part Two, history is about to be changed for the better.....

From Hell And Back: Its five weeks after Becoming, Part Two. Buffy has been missing ever since she left to fight Angel. Now Giles makes his way to tell Mrs Summers the truth, via the mansion on Crawford Street, where history is about to change for the better.....

More Recent Shorts:

Finding Sanctuary; An Empty Places Extension: This is a short alternative ending to the Season Seven Episode Empty Places. Written straight after I first saw the episode on British Terrestrial Television.

Voltaire: A one-off story, set at the end of Empty Places, as Buffy is betrayed by the Scooby Gang, and Home, as Angel receives an interesting offer from Wolfram & Hart. Rated R.

Rather Stranger Than The Rest: When Buffy comes back from the dead, she does something quite unexpected, which the Scooby Gang never discover. Takes place after Bargarining Pt2 and Heartthrob, ignoring one canon charater addition/plotline.