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"Wow. You know, next to you, I am downright linear."

Cordelia: That Vision Thing.

Plot: Its the end of the first episode of Season Three; Heartthrob. Angel decides to take a short trip to Sunnydale. He arrives just in time for the end of that season opener; Bargaining; Pt 1.

This is to stay mostly true to the cannon of Angel; Season Three, but with a few changes. Connor does not exist. Cordelia and Angel do not develop feelings for each other. And anything more will give the plot away, so, if you're intrigued, just click on the first episode.

Episode Guide:

Intervention: Angel decides to visit Sunnydale, and has an interesting encounter at Buffy's grave, which changes everything. Crosses briefly over with Charmed.

Job's Plight: Cordelia starts to experience torturing visions, while Lilah Morgan becomes aware of a new player at Angel Investigations, which will affect their game plan.

Shades Of Grey: Gunn is called to a crime scene which makes him questions his motives for staying with Angel Investigations.

Paterfamilias: After solving the case concerning the deaths of many young men from the same gym, Buffy has a confession to make as an old friend decides to visit.

Special Effects: Two visitors arrive at Angel Investigations, causing Fred to question her place in Los Angeles.

Pieces Of The Puzzle. Lilah Morgan lines up her next form of attack, while Buffy pays a visit to an old friend.....

Absent Enemies: An old enemy returns to Los Angeles, while Sahjhan brings alive part of his deal with Lilah Morgan.....

Of Past & Future Concern. Giles pays another visit to Angel Investigations, while Wolfram & Hart discover something disturbing when they set up surveillance on the fang gang.

Negotiations. Holtz has invaded the Hyperion, intending to kill Angel, but things don't quite go to plan, for him anyway. Meanwhile Lilah learns a rather interested piece of news from the surveilance cameras. Rated NC17 for some B/A lovin'. Minor Charmed references.

Disclosure. The Hyperion receives another houseguest, who discovers something Wolfram and Hart wish he hadn't. Rated R, for the same reason as the one above.

Learn To See The Ordinary. Angel Investigations celebrate Cordelia's birthday.

1,000,000 Monkeys. Angel Investigations decide to launch a website to help more people. What they didn't realise, was how much work it involve.

And A Ballet In The Evening. Gunn sends Angel to buy some concert tickets. Instead he gets tickets to a ballet, where he will have a sense of deja vu. Rated NC-17.

Unearthed. Angel Investigations celebrate Buffy's twenty-first birthday. Angel and Buffy go out for a romantic night away, while the Hyperion has some unexpected visitors. Rated NC-17.

Friendship. Buffy and Angel return to deal with those unexpected visitors, and a tragedy occurs which unexpectedly causes a peaceful understanding between them all. (Warning: Death Fic: I promise, its not any of the Fang Gang, or B/A.) Rated NC17.

Vale. Angel Investigations gain an unexpected victory, and are offered a deal with the Devil. The Question is, will they take it?

Remnants. First came the victory. Now comes the cleanup, as Angel Investigations gain a new ally.

High Stakes. Gunn is made aware of an old debt which needs to be repaid, a gamble he cannot afford to lose.

Dodging the Bullet. Angel Investigations receives an unexpected guest, causing them to return to the Hellmouth, where they have to save a friend from avenging a mortal wound.

Two To Save. Angel Investigations returns to the hellmouth, where they discover that the aftermath of Tara's 'death' will only delve deeper into darkness unless some can save Willow in time.

Slaying the Red Slayer. The two are saved, but the race to save Willow from falling forever into the dark magics may be out of the slayer's control, and the end of world looks to be the witch's final resolve.

Life Anew. As Tara comes to terms with her new destiny, Buffy and Angel attend a holy event, as old friends depart or arrive into the Hyperion and Sunnydale.