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Returning Home.
A Pride & Prejudice Song Vignette.

It was the end of a long, stressful, and ultimately, tiring day. On the outside lane of the M42, a sapphire blue Jaguar cruised along at the comfortable but speed breaking limit of sixty miles per hour. Its owner and current driver was not reckless, in fact he could control a car with all the skill and finesse of a formula one champion. But there were just times when both a driver and their car rebelled at the restrain on the power they could produce together.

Fitzwilliam Darcy leant back in his seat and reached with one hand to turn on the radio. Instantly his favourite station came alive, and he automatically relaxed a little, the familiar sound immediately comforting. Bit by bit the rigours of the day began drift away to the back of his mind. A favourite song came on, and he began mining lyrics. For the first time since the morning, he allowed his thoughts to turn to things that were not related to his work. Thoughts that he frequently wished to able to think of all the time, not just between the hours before nine and after five.

"And that was another thirty minutes of continuous music," the radio DJ suddenly announced, bringing it back into the other part of his focus, the part that was not concentrating on the road and where his car was going. "With the time nearly half past five, we start our request hour. The first request is from Elizabeth in Leicestershire. And her choice is for her Fitzwilliam."

Like a flower waiting to bloom,
Like a light bulb in a dark room........

Immediately Darcy sat up. He twiddled the volume knob, turning it up, so the sound of his engine faded into nothingness. Never before could he remember hearing the song, but its lyrics spoke to him straight away. Like the sender he knew their significance very well. He had given her flowers that were waiting to bloom on their first date. Their third had involved the annoyance but natural romance of a power cut.

I'm just sitting here, waiting for you,
To come on home, and turn me on.

Darcy could not help but smile at those words. He knew that feeling well. Their jobs, though they could afford not to have them, were high-powered and rarely synchronised to end at the same time.

Like the desert waiting for the rain,
Like a school kid waiting for the spring........

The first line of the second verse struck a particular note of empathy inside him. It was exactly the phrase he had used to describe his feelings the first time he had set eyes on her. Which had been the first time he knew that he was in love. As for the second...... well, although he had long graduated from University and Law School, and she from school, the disparity in their ages had placed her in her second year of the former.

I'm just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on.
My poor heart, its been so dark
Since you've been gone...........

The song entered it middle part and still Darcy had yet to loose his connection with the words it held. He certainly felt like his heart was dark whenever they were apart, no matter the length of that separation. People may have laughed at such an opinion considering they had been married nearly four years, but neither of them had ever cared what people thought about them.

After all, you're the one
Who turns me off
But you're the only one
Who can turn me back on.........

The sapphire blue Jaguar passed under the circled archway that stood on the boundary lines of the two counties Warwickshire and Leicestershire. Darcy slowed down and changed lanes, ready for his turn off.

My hi-fi is waiting for a new tune
My glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes.......

He pulled off into the road that led him out of the motorway, and cruised about the roundabout, until he reached his required lane. Returning the jag to his previous speed, Darcy thought about the final verse, smiling as he suddenly recalled why they felt so familiar. She sent him a note to his workplace on their anniversary, which included those very words. The evening which followed had been very...... pleasurable.

I'm just sitting here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on.

Darcy parked the car in his driveway, and took the key out of the ignition. With his briefcase and bouquet of waiting to bloom purple roses- her favourite colour -he walked through the archway into the inner courtyard. Then up the stairs to the private entrance of their home.

Reaching their suite, he smiled as he opened the door into the darkened room. Leaving his briefcase behind, he found the switch and turned the light on.

The End.
Author's note: And I leave the rest up
to your active imaginations!

© Danielle Harwood-Atkinson 20212011.

Disclaimer: The Song 'Turn Me On,' is sung by Norah Jones, on the the Album 'Come Away With Me.' Copyrights: Vocals & Piano: Norah Jones. Writer: J.D Loudermilk Copyright: Acuff Rose Music, Inc. (BMI) 2001. No infringement or profit is intended to be gained from using the song lyrics in this fic.