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He was ready to refuse her, or distract her, as he had time and time before, by giving her pleasure with his hands, with his tongue. But he knew how close they were to reaching Sept Tours, and with it an encounter with his father, who would use every insight he possessed to test them. 

To find a way in which to tear them apart. 

Philippe was a man at the height of his power, he could kill Diana without a care for the future or what his son might feel. Matthew may venerate him, he may respect him, but there were also times when he hated him for what he had done, for what he ordered his children to do in his name.

He had been holding himself back from mating with Diana fully, terrified that once they had made love, his blood rage would become uncontrollable. He had already harmed her once, albeit because he was seconds from death and he needed her blood to survive. He may have been prepared to die, however he was aware that his reason over the beast inside him only lasts as long as his body has the strength for it to do so. When she put her bleeding wrist upon his lips, the beast within could not resist.

It had been her memories of their love which brought his reason back, which gave him the strength to wrench himself away from the taste of her blood. She was giving him a third chance to exist, he would never forgive himself if her existence was the price he had to pay for it.

The moment from when he had wrenched himself from her body until Marcus returned with the blood to replace that which he had taken from her were the worst hours of his existence. He had already lost one wife. He could not bear to go through that again.

So he gave into her kisses and caresses, surrendering to her desire for them to be together. It was not the way or the place that he wanted their mating to take place, but it was necessary before they arrived at Sept Tours. He would make it up to her, providing they lived long enough for him to do so.

The secrets of her body were already known to him, he had discovered and revelled in them before. Yet he took his time to savour them once more, rousing her desperate need for him into a desire that was more holy and devout. He could feel her blood rushing to the surface, just beneath her skin wherever he lay his lips. At times he could swear he saw her glow, such as she had when they danced, that night when he wondered what spell she had put on him, marvelling over a love he had never hoped to find ever again.

He worshipped her breasts, laid reverence to her belly, wondering if one day, it might ripen with his seed. Nathaniel and Sophie had shown them it was possible with demons and witches, it was not too far-fetched to believe it might be possible between him and Diana. His mouth dipped between her thighs, savouring the taste of her desire, stoking the rising need as his tongue and fingers prepared her for their mating. 

When she was ready, he sought her lips once more. “I love you, Diana,” he uttered as he surged inside her, gasping at the profound feelings which arose within him from mating with her at last. He knew when he let them finally take that step it would be a significant moment, but he had no idea how deeply it would possess him until it became reality.

With another kiss he gave into the needs of their bodies, the wonderfulness of the union overtaking every worry and thought which he possessed. 

There would be a time for thinking and recriminations later.

For now it was just him and Diana.