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BTVS: Season Six:

Font: Anywhere But Home, Aquiline.
Episode: Bargaining, Pt 2
Lyrics: Honestly Ok, By Dido.
Size: 1024X768

I was Torn out of there.
Episode: Bargaining
Quote: Afterlife
Size: 1024X768

A Flawed Design
Font: Jedi Solid
Quote: Life Serial
Episode: Life Serial.
Size: 1024X768
An ExMummy Hand
Font: Mummified
Quote: Life Serial
Episode: Life Serial.
Size: 1024X768
Holding On...
Font: University.
Episode: Normal Again.
Song: Fight Against The Hours - Another Day, by Lene Marlin.
Size: 1024X768
Juliet is bleeding....
Font: Beautiful.
Episode: Seeing Red.
Quote: Borrowed Title from Due South.
Size: 1024X768