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West Wing

Season Three.


The Snake.
Font: Czaristite, Darhlin, Pristina, Baskerville, Glide.
Episode: Manchester, Pt2.
Size: 1024X768
We Need a New Enemy.
Font: Rage Italic, RubyScriptBroad, Baskerville.
Episode: Ways & Means.
Size: 1024X768
Returning the Favour.
Fonts: Sylfaen, University.
Episode: Bartlet For America.
Size: 1024X768
Bishop To Queen's Knight 3.
Fonts: Baskerville.
Episode: Hartsfield Landing.
Size: 1024X768
Sigmund, Come Play Chess.
Font: Baskerville.
Episode: Hartsfield's Landing.
Size: 1024X768
Land of Heart's Desire.
Fonts: Valdimir Script, Baskerville
Episode: Dead Irish Writers.
Quote: W.B Yeats.
Size: 1024X768
Truth & Credit.
Fonts: Adobe Calson Pro, Dobkin, Beautiful ES.
Episode: Dead Irish Writers
Size: 1024X768
Font: Baskerville, Cornet
Episode: The US Poet Laureate
Size: 1024X768