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One Day.

It was a sunny day in California as Angel drove through the freeways to a little town he hadn't seen for almost a year. He still couldn't quite believe it. He knew it had been coming of course, he just had not expected it so soon. Sometimes he worried it was all a dream and had to pinch himself.

It was two weeks since the change. It had taken him one just to psyche himself up to this. Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley had encouraged him constantly, telling him that the longer he puts it off, the harder it would get.

He passed the welcome to Sunnydale sign, then the newly built high school. Finally he drew up outside the university. Taking a deep breath he got out of his car and began to search for her.

He found her with her friends chatting and eating lunch. She was still beautiful. And alone, by the looks of things. He knew Riley had left awhile ago, the same day Oz returned in fact. Cordy had managed to make up with Xander and they had kept an open correspondence, so Angel could learn if anything happened to his one and only love.

Suddenly he felt himself panicking. Perhaps this had not been such a good idea. He turned and walked to the dorms where he decided to wait for her. He would rather face her alone, than with accusing friends who still had difficulty around him because of what he and Angelus had done.

He found her room and slipped in side. Slowly he sat on the bed and waited.


Buffy finished classes early afternoon and instead of staying outside she decided to go to her room, to get her weapons to meet up with Giles for some training. she opened her door and then gasped. On the bed there was a ring, a note and a single dark red rose. It was the ring that startled her the most. It was a claddagh ring, identical to the one which she wore on her finger. Only one person could have left it there, but how? Slowly she dumped her books on her desk and took up the note.



Meet outside by the trees on the outskirts of the campus. I'll be waiting all day.

The note was unsigned but Buffy knew who it was from. Only one person called her beloved. She grabbed the ring and the rose and ran out of her room.
She saw him instantly. He was in the shade of a tree, wearing his black long coat, red shirt and black pants. His car was behind the tree which he was sheltering under. She ran towards him, stopping short a few steps in front on the tree.

Angel saw her and walked forward slowly out into the sun. He saw her gasp and then suddenly realise. "Buffy," he said.

"What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you. And to......." He trailed off, looking nervous. She prompted him.

"To what?"

"Return for good. My work is done."


Angel stepped closer and took his hands out of his pockets. Buffy gasped. "Where's the ring?" He smiled and took her hand in his, taking it to his heart. She felt it beating and gasped again. "You're human? How?"

"Yes. The Powers That Be, said that I would become so when the work they had returned me to do was done." He paused and then steeled himself to say the next thing. "Buffy, I still love you."

"I kinda of gathered that by the note," she replied, smiling.

"I know it's incredibly presumptuous of me ask this, but do you think we can........ no, this is stupid. You've moved on. I shouldn't have come."

"Angel," Buffy smiled and put her left hand in his. Angel looked and saw the ring. Then he looked at her. Buffy stepped closer, put her arms around his neck and kissed him.